Our menu is made up of flavors, aromas and lots of love, delicious combinations, a true gastronomic experience for our guests, with lightness and sophistication, the union between the refinement and simplicity of the local culture, with a typical and fresh flavor of the region.


Served a la carte daily in our restaurant, our breakfast menu offers fruits, cakes, juices, tapiocas, eggs, omelets, breads and other delicious treats.


Fresh seafood prepared and served with great care by our team.

Delicious cocktails

Delicious beautiful caipiroscas and caiprinhas, made with fruits from the region and a lot of creativity, to drink at the pool, on the beach and brighten your day even more.

The restaurant is very pleasant and cozy, with a beautiful view of the sea, it is perfect for any meal of the day, having a drink or a well-accompanied wine at night.